Jul 14

Bastille Day

Paris, France
14 Jul - 14 Jul 2017

Jul 1

Mud Festival in So...

Boryeong, South Korea
1 Jul - 31 Jul 2017

Sep 9

9/11 12th anniver...

New York (ny), United States
9 Sep - 18 Sep 2017

Bastille Day

Bastille Day

Similar in spirit to American Independence Day or Canada Day, Bastille Day is a festive event that splashes fireworks and patriotic processions across Paris...Read More

Mud Festival in South Korea

Mud Festival in South Korea

There are many events such as mud wrestling, mud king contest, mud fireworks fantasy and mud sliding. There will also be a photo competition in which past members have come in first place....Read More

9/11 12th  anniversary

9/11 12th anniversary

The World has changed after the tragic terroristic attacks on New York City and Washington... and nothing seems the same any more......Read More

Carnaval de Oruro

Carnaval de Oruro

El Carnaval de Oruro is the biggest annual cultural event in Bolivia. Considered by many the finest in South America after the Brazilian carnival in Rio de Janeiro, it is a carnival that should not be missed if traveling around Latin America....Read More



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