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Summer Solstice at Stonehenge.

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Category: festival
Where: Amesbury, United Kingdom
When: 21 Jun - 21 Jun 2017

If you want to go and see Stonehenge it might be wise to go there for Summer or Winter Solstice time when annual celebration take place.

The Druids who lead celebration at Stonehenge were concerned about the density of crowds pressing in on Stonehenge itself and on the Heel Stone. In recent years upwards of 35000 people attend summer solstice. It has become increasingly difficult for the Druids to hold meaningful ceremony and to teach within such a press of people. The Druids are determined that the event should retain its spiritual focus of honouring nature and the ancestors. This can be easily lost within the crush of people at Stonehenge in a party mood.


English Heritage who administer Stonehenge all year round have the duty of organising open public access. This requires a delicate balancing act. English Heritage must protect the monument whilst ensuring visitor wellbeing and facilitating transport and security, whilst negotiating with Pagans and Druids so as to not overly constrain the function of the spiritual community.

Where to go in June?

Latitude: 51.178855360293205°N

Longitude: -1.826200783252716°W


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