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Boi Bumba

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Category: festival
Where: Parintins, Brazil
When: 24 Jun - 26 Jun 2017

Why Boi - an ox, that is? Why are there two of them? What do their names - Caprichoso and Garantido - mean? Where does the whole synopsis come from?

Who are Cunha-Poranga, Paje, Sinhazinha, Tuxauas? Why do Curupira's feet point backwards? Where do Gigante Juma, Cobra Grande, Formiga do Fogo come from?

The Boi Bumbá festival presents myths, tales and legends using characters, parade carts and giant puppets followed by the words of a master of ceremonies who describes in detail every bit of the action.

The Ox Dance festival is based on a tale that was brought to the small town of Parantins by migrants who came to the region to seek their fortune during the rubber extraction boom in
the early 1900s. There are several variations of the legend, but a common version describes the story of a rich farmer who gives his favorite boi, or ox, as a gift to his beloved daughter, entrusting it to the care of a faithful ranch hand, Pae Francisco. Mae Caterina, Francisco's pregnant wife, develops a strange craving for the a  bull's tongue, and Pae Francisco kills the prize beast to satisfy his wife's need.

Parintins is a city in the northern Brazilian state of Amazonas. It is 370km East from Manaus , the state capital, a journey that is 420km long by river. The city is on an island, and holds around 100,000 inhabitants.

Starting from 2005, it will be scheduled for three days covering the last weekend of June.


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